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Fleet Management

By A Yorkshire Bloke

What is fleet management?

Fleet management involves managing the commercial vehicles and cars of a business or organisation. This involves the maintenance, management and renewal of commercial vehicles in order to keep your business running smoothly.

What are the problems with fleet management?

Fleet management is difficult. It requires a lot of time and knowledge to ensure you are running vehicles in an efficient, timely and economical friendly manner. If you get it wrong, you can waste a large amount of money and your staff may not be equipped with the correct vehicles for their needs. Over the years we’ve heard horror stories about businesses being left with no vehicles at all for many weeks due to vehicle changeover mishaps! Companies with medium to large fleets and businesses who are heavily dependent on vehicles may even require a full-time member of staff to manage their fleet. This adds an extra member of staff to your business and an added facet of complexity that needs to be upkept.

Why should I outsource my fleet management?

To run a profitable business, companies should constantly be looking for areas to improve efficiency and reduce their overheads. Having an efficient fleet is a crucial aspect of your business management activities. Employing a fleet management specialist can be expensive but the same can also be said for cutting corners with your fleet management. Improper running of your fleet can have disastrous consequences. Holding up your business activities and ultimately costing you money!

What we can do for you

We can help you outsource all your fleet management activities. We have over 20 years’ experience managing fleets for businesses. We don’t charge for our services; our expert management comes as standard when you finance a vehicle with us. We can provide all makes and models of cars or vans and provide any aftermarket products to your commercial vehicles. If your company requires vehicle trackers, we can fit and implement vehicle tracking systems to help your fleet monitoring activities.

What is the maximum number of vehicles you can manage?

There isn’t a limit! We manage fleets with hundreds of vehicles for multiple clients and firms with less than five vehicles. We have a tried and tested vehicle management system for monitoring all our fleets ensuring that we never miss your important milestones. We do our very best to ensure your services, renewals and new vehicle deliveries are always on time.

Why should I choose your fleet management services?

There are a number of reasons why our fleet management service are the best:

Your own dedicated fleet manager – We’ll provide you with your own fleet management expert. This ensures communication is always seamless and you have someone who understands your business needs from a vehicle perspective. They will strive to find innovative solutions to help your business.

The best prices on the market – We use a range of leading industry funders meaning we’re always competitive on price. We can source any vehicle you require to your exact specification ordered directly from the factory. If time is of the essence, we have a wide range of vehicles in stock available for quick delivery.

Unrivaled advice – We’ve been in business a long time. That means we have the best knowledge in the industry and tried and tested fleet solutions to fit all businesses. Whilst we have great knowledge in fleet services to keep your business running smoothly. We also have the best knowledge in vehicle technology and sourcing, ensuring you get the right vehicles and save money in the process.

Taxation advice – Whilst our advice is no substitute for your own qualified tax advice, we do understand the intricacies of business car and van finance with respect to taxation. This means we can suggest vehicles that suit your business and can minimise your tax liability.

Can you cover UK wide fleets?

We manage fleets all over the UK! We enjoy forming long-lasting professional relationships with our clients. We love providing Sheffield and Yorkshire fleet management as this means we can provide regular in-person support for your business if required. If you’re not local though, don’t worry. We can still provide our support on the phone or arrange a visit.


Ultimately, we’re highly experienced in the art of fleet management. We have the infrastructure in place to save your business money and help it thrive! If you have any questions about our fleet management solutions. Please give us a call on 0114 236 1818.